Alumnae are from great companies that include:

Diana made time (even as a new mom!) and got promoted


The leadership program helped me get promoted. I was able to immediately apply the skills to challenges at work which helped me perform better and feel more confident. As a new mom, I almost wasn't sure if I would have time for it but it couldn't have been better for my career growth."



Marketing Lead, SAP

As a Member of Ascend, you’ll learn how to apply a step-by-step, proven playbook to release your doubts, fears, and imposter syndrome.

Starting Week 1, you will apply these strategies to your work to drive alignment, be valued as a key stakeholder, and empower your team.


By the end of this six-week program, you’ll have the skills and tools to drive alignment, be valued as a leader, gain confidence, and create solid, lifelong relationships with members – high-achieving women just like you.

You’re not alone. We’re here with you.

But first, do any of these scenarios feel familiar?

You want to be more influential and effective FAST  in your role so your ideas are listened to and you can rally difficult stakeholders to become allies for you.

You’ve been promoted, are doubting your abilities, and wish you had a mentor to guide you as you navigate your new role.

You’re doing great work but your team doesn’t recognize your value.

You’re tapped as a high potential individual, but your age and experience level prevent you from more leadership opportunities.

Imposter syndrome is a loop running in your mind, and you don’t know how to equip yourself with the skills, strategies, and tools you need to further your career.

Good news!

Ascend is the leadership program to help you advance professionally and access a vibrant community of high-achieving women to support you as you grow.


If you’re ready to invest in yourself and accelerate your career, Ascend is for you.

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Program Dates:
November 1 - December 10, 2021

"I'm blown away by how much I grew during Ascend. The exercises and frameworks transformed how I approach getting buy-in and helped me gain confidence. I'm now better able to collaborate with stakeholders (even difficult ones!). I love the incredibly supportive community I learned with. This is hands down the best program. I can't recommend it enough."


program manager, mastercard

"The program was more than worth it. I was struggling with imposter syndrome when I started managing a new team. Shivani's coaching and the actionable tools helped me feel confident in my role. The program also helped me build rapport and get buy-in at all levels. Even though I already had a lot going on, I'm so happy that I committed to my growth and joined the program."


Engineering manager, github

Welcome to Ascend

Ascend is a 6-week online leadership program for women to empower you with the skills, frameworks, and tools required to influence at all levels, accelerate your career, and have a voice at the table.

Program Details

  • Length: 6 Weeks
  • Dates: February 28 - April 7, 2022
  • Tuition: $3,495

Program Format

Weekly content released in a one-hour video with actionable frameworks, tangible tools, tactics, and use cases to consume at your own pace

Twice-weekly live online sessions to review the learning with your cohort, have discussions in small groups, review case studies and get support on your challenges

Complete weekly exercises to apply the concepts directly to challenges at work

What's Inside


Learn by doing.

Every lesson is accompanied by real world application so you can immediately apply the concepts to work. Discover step-by-step playbooks, case studies, role plays, and exercises to help you resolve your challenges and excel.

Access a powerful network of support.

Build long lasting relationships as you connect with like-minded women who understand your challenges and can help you navigate them in real time in an intimate setting.


Accountability to achieve your goals.

In Ascend you’ll connect with your accountability buddy throughout the program while also participating in live discussions and small groups to keep your momentum going, even when life gets busy.

Program Curriculum

week one: storytelling

In this module, you’ll learn how to present a message that resonates with any stakeholder and have the confidence to speak up and be heard.

week TWO: Leader Mindset

Inspire authority, build your brand, and overcome imposter syndrome no matter what situation you’re in.

week THREE: get buy-in

Learn how to strategically build your executive presence and take action so stakeholders are excited to implement your ideas.

week FOUR: Manage Up And Across

Discover strategies to help you create thriving relationships with your manager and get a YES from dominant stakeholders and peers.

week FIVE: Feedback
It’s never easy to give difficult feedback but you can deliver feedback in a way that your colleagues will gladly receive and value - this module shows you how.
week SIX: Influence Roadmap

Consistently drive successful outcomes and create an influence roadmap you can seamlessly follow.

Enroll Before October 1st to get these bonuses:


Advocate for Yourself Workshop

Discover how to showcase your value with ease, leverage your relationships for success, and create a business case for what you want (and get it!).

Rules of Influence Cheat Sheet

Learn the 5 common mistakes people make when trying to have their ideas taken seriously within teams and how to avoid them.

Stay on Track Accountability Session

This is an opportunity to receive follow-up coaching from Shivani and your peers, review your 30-day goals, track your progress, and keep up your momentum after the program.

Make friends with a high-caliber network of women


This was the first training program that made me miss my cohort so much! The combination of camaraderie with incredible women, tangible tools to apply directly to my challenges, and safe space to be real was invaluable. I can't recommend the program enough. It was life-changing."




When you join Ascend’s Leadership Program, you’re taking the right next step to becoming an impactful leader, have the staying power to succeed long-term, and become a role model for others as you go.

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Program Dates:
November 1 - December 10


Ascend’s Leadership Program is a unique 6-week online program that focuses on actionable steps that you can immediately apply to your work, community, and accountability.

You’ll learn critical skills to get buy-in, motivate teams, manage stakeholders, give difficult feedback, and create a personal brand.

Once you join Ascend’s Leadership Program, you’ll:

Have immediate access to a community of high caliber (and low ego) women just like you who have experienced similar challenges and wins

Access ongoing accountability from members and mentors so you can stay on track to achieve your goals

Enter into a judgment-free zone where you can have a safe space to help you move forward with any challenges you face

Access an arsenal of tools and tactics that show you HOW to resolve your challenges instead of theory only discussions

Plus so much more.

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Program Dates:
November 1 - December 10
Enrollment deadline: October 15

“I had read a lot of books about making the transition to manager but I still lacked confidence. I now have the confidence to lead my team. I have frameworks that I can leverage in all types of meetings. I joined Ascend when I had a lot on my plate and this created so much clarity and a safe space for me. It was an amazing decision.”


Sales Manager, Twilio - Segment
"The leadership program helped me get promoted. It’s the best thing I’ve done for my professional growth. I’m more comfortable speaking up in front of large groups and senior people, and have successfully convinced my team to support my recommendations."


Sr. Designer, BCG Digital Ventures

Meet Your Advisor


Hi, I'm Shivani Berry.

I’m a leadership coach and leader passionate about supporting women to excel as leaders. 

I’m proud to say that the women I work with are better prepared to resolve tough work challenges and feel more confident to take on larger management roles. 

I have an MBA from Harvard Business School and I’m an experienced leader at top companies. My work experience has taught me it’s the soft skills that help you move up: your ability to build relationships, influence effectively, and inspire teams. 

As I developed these skills, I felt more confident, accelerated my career growth, and made an impact, not just on my teams but also on executives and board of directors. 

I created this program to empower women with the skills and support required to grow in their careers and be influential leaders. I want to help you achieve the career that you want.

Are you ready to become a leader that inspires while moving your team’s mission and vision forward? 

I look forward to reading your Ascend application today.



Praise from inside the program

Grateful for Shivani for the meeting prep worksheet. I was invited to a surprise fire-drill type situation yesterday, that had very senior folks invited (excited that happened too!). I only had 1.5 hours to prepare. The meeting went so well that the CEO sent me a slack telling me I did incredible!!! (he used 3 exclamation marks)!"


Compliance Program Manager, FullStory

“You can never go broke investing in yourself”

“This [program] not only gave me the confidence to take on a leadership position, but I am now a stronger cross-functional partner which has helped me drive projects in a more effective way. I would tell anyone considering this program that you can never go broke investing in yourself. If Shivani comes out with more programs in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up!”


Sr. Product Operations Manager, Box

Frequently Asked Questions

Become a key influencer in your organization in just six weeks

Program Details

  • Length: 6 Weeks
  • Dates: November 1 - December 10
  • Tuition: $1,995
  • Enrollment deadline: October 15
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“The best thing about the program was how interactive, immersive, and collaborative it was. I saw the immediate impact of being able to get faster buy-ins and credibility amongst my cross-functional stakeholders and I feel confident and empowered to climb up the career ladder higher. I highly recommend this program for any women who are new to leadership.”


Engineer, LinkedIn

“This leadership program was full of useful frameworks and strategies that were immediately applicable to my day to day. I feel more equipped to handle situations that come up at work. I’m now definitely more mindful about how I’m perceived at work (personal brand!) and purposeful about how I approach projects. I highly recommend investing in yourself with Ascend whether you want to move up, or simply wanting to feel more empowered at work.”


Sr. Product Manager, Wayfair

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